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Choose ProfileVent® for the best ridge vent system that is ideal for metal roofs on residential, commercial, and agricultural buildings with any pitch.

First-Rate Ridge Vent Solution

If you need a high-quality ridge vent, ProfileVent ® is the perfect solution for you. A ProfileVent® ridge vent can keep your attic well-ventilated, help balance the temperature in your building, as well as prevent insects, roaches, and bats from getting in. When it’s time to install a ridge vent, ProfileVent ® is the go-to choice for builders and architects. This revolutionary system is ideal for metal roofs. If you want a ridge vent that is easy to install, ProfileVent ® is perfect because installation can be done by one person. Also, the ProfileVent ® ridge vent can be cut to fit standing seam and screw-down metal panels.

The Original Custom Ridge Vent Cut to fit–Standing Seam and Screw-Down Panels in over 50 Profiles for Commercial, Agricultural and Residential Metal Roofs.

Now Available in More Than 50 Profiles

ProfileVent ® will NOT sustain a flame – Class A Fire Rating

Fits under almost any ridge cap

One person roll-out installation

Miami-Dade approved
Noa No.: 17-0821.09

Net free area varies by thickness of material.

Preferred by Contractors

Built on proven technology since 1998, our specially designed equipment precisely cuts the panel profile into the surface. Working at optimum performance within varied roof pitches from 2:12 to 20:12, ProfileVent ® is custom cut to fit the individual panel profile. ProfileVent’s ® compatibility with a steep roof pitch makes it uniquely suitable for these applications, without sacrificing ventilation performance. Maintain the ridge line appearance without the need to raise the ridge cap to accommodate the vent.

Standing Seam

Snap Seam

Why ProfileVent® is the Best Ridge Vent on the Market

ProfileVent ® is a strong, long-lasting single-layer ridge vent on a roll with a modified polyester fiber-based matting that is non-woven and non-wicking. Over one million have been installed in the last 30 years.

When you get a ridge vent from ProfileVent ® , you receive a wide range of features including:

  • Over 30 years of proven performance
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Glue spots to prevent slipping during installation
  • Product that won’t crack, rust, or dent during shipping or installation
  • Fire-resistant material
  • Design passes Dade County 110 mph wind-driven rain test
  • Fits under any ridge cap
  • Fits any pitch from 2:12 to 20:12
  • Meets all model building codes
  • Made in the USA
  • Made from more than 90% recycled fiber and over 30% post-consumer content

If you want the ridge vent that is preferred and trusted by residential, commercial, and agricultural roofing contractors, choose ProfileVent ® . Thanks to the continuous air flow, your attic won’t trap heat. This, ultimately, helps you save money.

The ridge vent offered by ProfileVent ® is made with specialized equipment that precisely cuts the panel profile into the surface. It works well with roof pitches from 2:12 to 20:12 and is custom cut to fit each individual panel profile. Since ProfileVent ® is compatible with a steep roof pitch, you won’t have to sacrifice ventilation performance and can maintain the ridge line without raising the ridge cap to accommodate the vent.

Contact Us to Get the Best Quality Ridge Vent — ProfileVent®

When you order your ridge vent from ProfileVent ® , you get a solution that’s Class A fire-resistant. Not only will it not burn, but it won’t create water dams that can cause the substrate to deteriorate. Get superior quality and excellent value for your farm, home, or warehouse. If you have questions or are ready to order this exceptional ridge vent from ProfileVent ® , contact us online or call 833-300-9515.

ProfileVent® Brochure

For a complete cross reference guide listing all major panel manufacturers and the profiles for specific panels, please use the ProfileVent® Technical catalog for reference.

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