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Residential Screw-Down Panel ProfileVent®

Revolutionary and Proven Screw-Down Panel Ventilation System for Residential Properties. The Original Profiled Ridge Vent Cut to fit Screw-Down Panels in over 50 Profiles for Residential Roofs.

Choose the right Residential Screw-Down Panel Ventilation

Although residential screw-down metal roofs and ProfileVent ® ridge vents are typically installed on metal sloped roofs on residential buildings, they’re perfect for all structures. The screw-down metal roof is durable, versatile, and virtually maintenance-free. Attic ventilation provides continuous airflow that prevents condensation flowing upwards from inside the building.

Benefits and Features of ProfileVent®

Superior Quality, Superior Value

Proven performance–preferred by contractors for over 30 years.

Glue spots prevent slipping during installation

Fits under any ridge cap

Class A Fire Rating–will not burn

One person roll-out installation

Over one million installed–zero call backs

Miami-Dade approved
Noa No.: 17-0821.09

UV stable

Made in USA

40-Year limited lifetime warranty

And after you have installed it, it is nearly impossible to detect from the street. When properly installed with soffit vents, meets the ventilation requirements of HUD, ICC and Miami-Dade model building codes.

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