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Ridge Vent

Proven Attic Ventilation System for Shingle Roofs

Why contractors are switching to Mongoose®

Mongoose ® ridge vent from Ventco by Lakeside is designed as a ridge vent for sloped shingle roofs. Pressure sensitive strips provide permanent adhesion to roof shingles. Gunnable installation or hand nail. It is an excellent choice for cedar, asphalt, and slate roofs. Helps vent the attic, allowing condensation and excess heat to escape. Mongoose ® is available as a 20’ x 10¾” x 1½” roll.

Benefits and Features of Mongoose® ridge vent

Unique design passes Dade County 110 mph wind driven rain test

Mongoose ® Ridge Vent has 10.41 square inches net free area per lineal foot – up to 19% better than most other rolled ridge vents

8 mil polypropylene protective cover prevents leaks if ridge cap shingles are damaged or blown off.

Specially formulated pressure sensitive adhesive will adhere Mongoose ® Ridge Vent to the roof shingles.

Non-woven, non-wicking matting

Fits any pitch 3:12 to 20:12

All seasons energy savings

Class A Fire Rating, so it will not burn

UV stable

Made in USA

40-Year limited lifetime warranty

And after you have installed it, it is nearly impossible to detect from the street. We have over 300,000 on roofs today with no leaks. When properly installed with soffit vents, meets the ventilation requirements of HUD, ICC and Miami-Dade model building codes.

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