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If you’re looking for a way to improve ventilation on your roof, a ridge vent is an excellent option. At Ventco, Inc. we specialize in this roofing solution.


The Original Custom Ridge Vent. Cut to fit–Standing Seam and Screw-Down Panels in over 50 Profiles for Commercial, Agricultural and Residential Metal Roofs. Preferred By Contractors.

40-year limited warranty

Fits under any ridge cap

One person roll-out installation

Miami-Dade approved
Noa No.: 17-0821.09

Glue spots prevent slipping during installation

Class A Fire Rating–will not burn

Over one million installed–zero call backs

Are you trying to figure out “what is a ridge vent”? Although a ridge vent is extremely advantageous for improving ventilation, it’s still unheard of my many consumers. This type of roofing system runs along the entire length of the roof, allowing hot air to escape. Not only does our ridge vent work well for residential and commercial properties, but also hydroponic farms, barns, horse stables, cannabis farms, and more. In other words, if you have a structure with an attic that gets too hot, a ridge vent will keep it cool. Those in the agriculture industry find this system to be greatly helpful.

Our Products


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The RidgeVent®

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Universal Ridge Cap Anchor Clip®

Considering the Pros and Cons of a Roof Ridge Vent

As with any roofing system, there are roof ridge vent pros and cons. When it comes to roof ridge vent pros and cons, start by looking at all the benefits. One pro is that is allows heat to escape, which prevents damage caused by moisture, ice, and snow. As a result, there’s less risk of materials rotting, which increases the lifespan of your roof and saving you money.

In looking at roof ridge vent pros and cons, another advantage is that this system produces continuous airflow. Regardless of outdoor wind speed or extreme hot or cold temperature, the ridge vent still performs optimally. Remember, this ventilation system runs the full length of the roof, so it covers the entire attic space. Plus, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

As for ridge vent problems, there’s really only one thing worth mentioning: hard costs. Overall, it’s cheaper to have one or two turbine vents installed. Unfortunately, if you require a higher volume of airflow, you will need more, which will increase the overall price. However, anyone that knows about hard costs vs soft costs can recognize the savings over time.

Why Ridge Vent for a Metal Roof is a Good Idea

The problem with most metal roofing systems is the limitation of material. If you have a metal roof, a ridge vent is still a viable option. Even if you have a metal cap on the roof, a professional installer can easily work around it. For a metal roof, a ridge vent is ideal because the technician uses equipment designed for cutting the panel profile. That way, the ventilation system fits firmly in place.

While there are different options available, the ProfileVent ® is a revolutionary ventilation system designed specifically for metal roofs. Install our roof ridge vent to experience all its benefits.

Improve Your Home with the Best Ridge Vent

At Ventco, Inc., we have the perfect roofing ventilation system based on your specific needs. We offer the best ridge vent solution for any type of metal roof, even the ones that are difficult to vent properly. With locations across the country, simply give us a call to get a quote. Do not put off saving money by getting the best ridge vent on the market today!

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