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The RidgeVent® for Shingle Roofs

Proven Attic Ventilation System for for Asphalt, Slate, Shingle, and Cedar Roofs.

Choose The RidgeVent as Your Ridge Vent

The RidgeVent® from Ventco by Lakeside is designed for sloped roofs. Pressure sensitive strips provide permanent adhesion to roof shingles. Gunnable installation or hand nail. It is an excellent choice for cedar, asphalt, and slate roofs. Helps vent the attic, allowing condensation and excess heat to escape. The RidgeVent® is available as a 20’ x 10.5” x ¾”, 10’ x 10.5” x ¾” and 4’ x 10.5” x ¾” roll.

Benefits and Features of The RidgeVent

17 square inches net free area per lineal foot. Fits roof pitches 3.12 to 20.12.

Vents your attic/building–Allows unwanted heat and condensation to escape through the ridge

Once installed, it’s almost invisible

Adheres directly to the roof for easy installation

Eliminates waste–every cut-off can be used

Easy to install–No complicated fitting, wrapping or connectors

Non-wicking matting–cannot crack or dent during shipping or installation

Light and flexible, easy to handle and transport

Won’t corrode, rust or turn brittle/won’t burn/won’t damage from hail or ice

Prevents snow, rain, insects, bats and birds from getting into building

Class A Fire Rating, so it will not burn

UV stable

Made in USA

40-Year limited lifetime warranty

When properly installed with equal amounts of soffit vents, meets the ventilation requirements of HUD and model building codes:

  • CABO
  • BOCA
  • ICBO

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