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Proven Hip & Ridge Vent for Tile-Shaped Roofs. To be used in conjunction with Universal Water Dam.

Choose TileVent® as Your Ridge vent

TileVent ® from Ventco by Lakeside is designed as a ridge vent for a tile-shaped roof. When used with the Universal Water Dam, TileVent ® exceeded Miami-Dade rain and wind performance tests. Even if the ridge tiles are broken, the 8mm protective cap will prevent leaks. TileVent ® is available as a 20’ x 10¾” x 1½” roll.

Benefits and Features of TileVent® Ridge vent

TileVent ® Ridge Vent is the only continuous ridge vent that provides 22 square inches net free area per lineal foot

Fits any pitch 3:12 to 20:12

Unique design exceeds Miami-Dade wind driven rain performance tests when installed with the Universal Water Dam

Exceeds ICC wind driven rain performance tests

8 mil polypropylene protective cap seal prevents leaks if ridge tiles are broken and is clearly marked for alignment and fastening with nails or screws

Specially formulated pressure sensitive adhesive will adhere ridge vent to the roof tilesfor ease of installation

A 6” flap provides self-capping to prevent water intrusion at the gable ends.

Class A Fire Rating, so it will not burn

UV stable

Made in USA

40-Year limited lifetime warranty

Benefits and Features of Universal Water Dam

This is a perfect choice if you live in an area that has severe weather conditions. Using the TileVent ® with the Universal Water Dam will prevent rain from getting into your home or building when the wind makes the rain go sideways. When properly installed with soffit vents, meets the ventilation requirements of HUD, ICC and Miami-Dade model building codes.

When TileVent ® and the Universal Water Dam are used together they allow for 22 square inches of net free area per lineal foot of ridge or hip.

Exceeds ICC and Miami Dade wind driven rain performance testing.

In severe weather regions where high wind and driven rain are prevalent, the Universal Water Dam must be used on all hip and ridge applications. With hip applications, you must not cut the hip open at least two feet top and bottom of hip. Universal Water Dam must be used with TileVent ® Ridge Vent.

Wind Test for TileVents®

The above 110 MHP wind-driven rain test has been established as the industry standard for ridge vent performance. These tests were conducted at Intertec, Reading, PA, a premier testing facility for building products in the U.S. ProfileVent products passed all phases of this difficult test.

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