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About Us

Ventco by Lakeside manufactures revolutionary ridge vents under the brand name ProfileVent®. We offer reliable, energy-efficient equipment that is easy to install.

About Ventco by Lakeside

Built on proven technology since 1998, our specially designed manufacturing equipment precisely cuts the panel profile into the surface of the ventilation material. Working at optimum performance when installed with equal amount of soffit ventilation within varied roof pitches from 2:2 to 20:12. ProfileVent® is custom cut to fit the individual panel profile. ProfileVent’s compatibility with a steep roof pitch makes it uniquely suitable for these applications, without sacrificing ventilation performance. Maintain the ridge line appearance without the need to raise the ridge cap to accommodate the vent.

Ventco Inc. is now offering its ProfileVent® ventilation products at a savings by selling direct to customers.

Our Ridge Venting Mission

Originating in 1986, we are now the manufacturers of superior roofing ventilating systems for various roof types: Mongoose® RidgeVent, The RidgeVent® , ProfileVent® and TileVent® . These products were invented by the same individual who created Cobra® ridge vent*. 

30 years proven success rate

All our ventilation products WILL NOT BURN–Class “A” Fire Rating

Properly placed special glue adheres directly to the roof for ease of installation without nails

Fits under any ridge cap

Made in USA

No call backs

Unique design passes Dade County 110 mph wind driven rain test

40-year limited warranty

Fits any pitch 2:12-20:12

Meets all model building codes

Made from over 90% recycled fiber; over 30% post-consumer content

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