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About Ridge Vent

ProfileVent® ridge vents are premium-quality profile vent sticks designed to fit all types of metal roofs. Learn how you can extend the life of your ventilation system with our products.

Why Is Attic Ventilation So Important And What’s in It For Me?

Research, architects & builders agree on the importance of continuous ridge venting as the best way to ventilate buildings

Proper attic ventilation will save money on heating & air conditioning

Proper attic ventilation prevents condensation from developing

What Is Ridge Vent?

A ridge vent is made of a special porous material placed under your ridge cap to allow air to flow freely from the attic drawing out stale air all year round. Ridge vents are placed on the ridge of the roof and covered with cap shingles to match the roof. Only ridge vent can provide a constant flow of air along the entire horizontal ridge of your home. With exhaust fans, louvers, and turbines, some “pockets” or sections in the attic can be left unventilated.

Wind Test for Ridge Vents

Why Do We Need It?

Without Ridge Vent

Why is The Proper Ventilation Important?

Most homeowners don’t give any second thought to attic ventilation because it may not seem important to them. But the fact is, that could be a very costly mistake. Having the proper amount of attic ventilation can help protect your entire home, not just the shingles and the roof deck underneath them.

Proper attic ventilation can contribute to a more comfortable living environment in the house, and prevent a ton of problems In fact, a properly designed and installed attic ventilation system with soffit vents, creates a constant airflow all through the attic that helps reduce the amount of heat and moisture that could build up over time.

The reason for that is because during the day, the heat from the sun builds up in the attic and radiates your home. Then, the moisture degenerates inside the home can contribute to conditions that are the cause for numerous issues like rust, mold and mildew, and an increase of allergens that cause cold and flu symptoms, and a number of other things, like poor air quality and even structural damage to your home.

That’s not all…

If the insulation gets wet, then it loses its ability to insulate. Did you know that the lack of attic ventilation is one of the main contributors to ice damming that causes extensive damage to homes every year.

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