Universal Optional Ridge Cap Anchor Clip

Universal ridge cap anchor clips works with metal or any other roofing material



We recommend using our anchor clip to hold down the ridge cap in high wind areas and on panels with major ribs 16" on center or greater.

Blind Rivets can be used to anchor the ridge cap when using architectural or standing seam panels.


  • 25 clips per small box
  • 24 small boxes per master box
  • 600 clips per master box

Test Results

Ventco™ Universal Ridge Cap Anchor Clip

An independent engineering corporation tested the performance of the Ventco Universal Ridge Cap Anchor Clip under high wind loading. During testing, a roof/ridge vent/cap system was subjected to wind speeds that follow the Dade County Test protocol.


  • 20 gauge galvanized steel
  • Visible surface painted black for aesthetic purposes

The following observations were made concerning the performance and structural integrity of the clip and ridge cap:

  • No lifting of the ridge cap up to 115 mph 
  • No fastener pull out or loosening
  • The ridge cap remained in contact with ventilation system
  • No difference in performance when the cap is secured to the clip with screws or blind rivets


Universal Ridge Cap Anchor Clip Installation Instructions


  1. Install your metal roofing panel according to manufacturer’s instructions. Apply mastic above and below pre-drilled holes in the clip. Before installing ProfileVent, insert #14A screw through the large down-slope access hole in top of the Universal Ridge Cap Anchor Clip
  2. Lift the back end of clip. Slip ProfileVent under the clip. Push clip back down and insert another #14A screw in the up-slope hole.
  3. Screw through rige cap and top of each anchor clip. Pop Rivets can be used to anchor the ridge cap when using architectural or standing seam panels.


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