Contractors’ Choice®

Proven Ridge Vent for Asphalt, Slate, and Cedar Shingle Roofs.

Choose a Contractor’s Choice as Your Ridge Vent

Contractor’s Choice from Ventco Inc. is designed as a ridge vent for sloped roofs. Pressure sensitive strips provide permanent adhesion to roof shingles. Gunnable installation or hand nail. It is an excellent choice for cedar, asphalt, and slate roofs. Helps vent the attic, allowing condensation and excess heat to escape. Contractor’s Choice is available in 10½” high.

Benefits and Features of Contractor’s Choice Ridge Vent

Coil of nails included in every roll

Continuous ridge vent that provides 17 square inches net free area per lineal foot

Fits any pitch 3:12 to 20:12 

One person rollout installation

Meets all model building codes

Almost invisible from the curb

No waste–use leftovers on next job 

Class A Fire Rating, so it will not burn

UV stable

Made in USA

40-Year limited lifetime warranty

Get Contractor’s Choice Vent for Asphalt, Slate, and Cedar Shingle Roofs

Ventco Inc. serves areas nationwide and most of Canada. Call customer service at 833-300-9515


  • Best Buy Metals
    Ventco is an outstanding partner for our company. Their dedication to excellence and service before and after the transaction are a testament to their ability to create and maintain long term partnerships.
  • Direct Metals Inc.
    Profile Vent has been a reliable mainstay in our line of building component offerings. Rhonda in customer service is quick to respond to requests and fill orders.
  • Mid Michigan Metal Sales
    For the last few years, we have exclusively purchased our ridge venting material from Profile Vent. With excellent shipping speed, pricing, ease of ordering, and wonderful customer service they have been a great supplier to work with.
  • Britton Builders
    We have been using ProfileVent on jobs for about 15 years: Never a problem, never a callback, easy to install and works better that all other ridge vents that we have tried
  • Best Materials
    Outstanding business partner to work with. Orders are processed in a very timely manner and the quality of service provided is highly appreciated.
  • Gulf Coast
    Ventco offers us quality products that meet and exceed our vented ridge needs for our vented metal roof packages. They do this all while making it easy to do business with them.
  • Wick Buildings
    Ventco has been a great partner for Wick Buildings! Their quality products and quick shipping have helped us continue to meet our customers high expectations. It has been a pleasure working with Ventco’s customer service team.
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