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Does My Roof Need a Continuous Ridge Vent?

Ventco Inc. is a continuous ridge vent installation service provider working in the industry since 1998 to deliver the best services across the country.

Several principles of physics come together in the working of the continuous ridge vent. A ridge vent is primarily used to provide better air ventilation to your house. It works in two ways. One, the hot air reaches the top of your house and is led out by the open ridge vent pulling cool air into your home. Second, the continuous air outside your ridge pulls all the hot air by creating an artificial low pressure.

It is a very effective cooling system to keep your house ventilated in all kinds of weather and have fresh air pouring in at all times. A continuous ridge vent works even when you can’t use your doors or windows due to snow or a storm.

Continuous roof ridge installation is a quick way to ventilate your home better and make it modern and fashionable at the same time. You get to choose if you want the shingle type or the metal type with aluminum or any other way your provider can give you.

What Is a Ridge Vent?

A type of air exhaust installed at the top of the roof is known as a ridge vent. First, we cut a section of the roof to function as an air slot. Then, this cut section is itself covered by a ridge vent that acts as an exhaust to let the hot air inside the house go out. It is designed in such a way that provides continuous exhaust air ventilation and also keeps wind-driven snow, rain out. They are also best equipped to keep any pests or other creatures out as well.

Continuous Ridge Vent: Pros And Cons

Like all good things, ridge vents have certain disadvantages as well. How you want to consider the continuous ridge vent pros and cons is up to you, but we can give you enough information to make an educated decision.

Ridge Vent Benefits

The primary benefit of the continuous ridge vent is to increase ventilation in your house. This reduces the chance of mold and mildew forming anywhere in your attic.

Next, it allows fresh air to flow throughout your home. A continuous ridge vent installation guarantees to push hot air out through your roof, which creates a low pressure in your house to bring in cool air.

Whether you use a shingle-over style or a continuous ridge vent metal roof in any other style, a continuous ridge vent will always work to prolong the life of your roof with minimal maintenance. This is because the main enemies of your roof’s lifespan are mold and mildew, which cannot form in the presence of fresh air.

The continuous ridge vent ventilation system is cost-effective as it requires no additional costs other than installation.

Ridge Vent Disadvantages

While the pros seem great, you should not forget that depending on how reinforced your structure is, there is always a chance that rain or snow could enter your house through the ridge vent. Also, if your attic has insulation, then the stagnant water would only create bigger problems by becoming damp in the area.

If you’re from warmer climates, the continuous roof ridge installation doesn’t work as expected. This is due to the lesser differences between the temperatures of hot air on either side of the continuous roof ridge ventilation.

It can only be installed in homes with a slant roof. Houses with a flat roof are not suitable to have a continuous roof ridge.

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