The Ridge Vent You Need for Proper Metal Roof Ventilation

The original custom ridge vent cut to fit standing seam and screw-down panels in over 50 roof profiles. Our ridge vents are an ideal choice to meet your metal roof ventilation needs.

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Built on proven technology since 1998, our specially designed equipment precisely cuts the panel profile into the surface. Working at optimum performance within varied roof pitches from 2:12 to 20:12, ProfileVent ridge vent is custom cut to fit the individual panel profile.

ProfileVent’s compatibility with a steep roof pitch makes it uniquely suitable for these applications without sacrificing performance of your metal roof ventilation. Maintain the ridge line appearance without the need to raise the ridge.

Our Products


Contractors' Choice®

The RidgeVent®

Hip & RidgeVent®



Universal Ridge Cap Anchor Clip®

40-Year Limited Warranty

Over 20 Years of Perfomance

Over 1 million installations and NO failures

We Cut Over 50 Profiles

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